Proactive vs Reactive Employees

Knowing the difference between these two types of workers can make all the difference in the world to how well your crew performs. Use this knowledge to create a well-balanced schedule and your whole team will appreciate it.


Excuses are Reputation Suicide

We have all made excuses for things not turning out as planned, but now that we are adults and are thinking about becoming a manager, this habit must stop or we will not make much progress in our careers. Making excuses tells everyone who hears them that we cannot be trusted to tell the truth, nor do we have any interest in fixing what is wrong. Accepting responsibility when something goes wrong and then fixing it is the best way to get your team to believe in you. Don’t worry that no one else is doing this. You will look better by comparison.



Fill the Need

Fill the need is an OG mantra that has been used to keep managers on top of critical issues for decades. If you see something that needs attention, either re-purpose some staff or do it yourself. Just don’t get into the habit of doing everything you see. You are not an effective manager if you are constantly doing hourly functions and a Lazy staff member might even take advantage of a hard working manager. Fill the need now, deal with the lazies, later.


How to Get a Mentor

If you have decided to get a mentor and get your management education into high gear, here are a few tips to get a really good one. If there is no one In your building who is qualified to lead the way for you, here are some great leadership resources to get you started until someone great shows up at your unit.