I have worked and managed in frontline industries since 1975.

‚ÄčI began managing frontline businesses in 1981 and was mentored by some of the best managers in the franchises of some of the largest companies in the industry. Then, somewhere in the late 1980s, training for management became more automated and eventually abandoned altogether due to the high turnover rate in the industry. This, unfortunately, accelerated the number of untrained and unsuccessful managers in even the best of companies and has led us to the place we are today with mass resignations of not only frontline managers but workers as well.

About five years ago I started hearing in the news about people quitting their jobs in frontline industries, so I decided to quit being a manager to find out what was going on from a first-hand perspective. I have since been working as an employee for some of the largest companies in America and have come to understand the problem in the workplace today:


Nobody is being trained how to manage people any more. Since I have been trained how to do this, I can show you what you should and shouldn’t do to make your workplace hum like a fine-tuned machine as well as be a happy and fun place to spend much of your life in.

I offer this humble training program to those who really want to be a frontline manager and reap the benefits of a higher salary, medical, dental, life insurance, and 401k programs.

Being a frontline manager can be a great career for hardworking people, and I hope to provide many insights into how to do this job correctly and have fun in this fantastic career.