A lot of our current leadership’s shortcomings can be boiled down to a lack of empathy. Managers today don’t seem to understand that having a team that likes and understands them makes their work so much easier and more enjoyable. Get to know your team and show them you are listening, or you won’t be leading them for very long.

Counting Resentment Bank Money

Have you ever heard your teammates complaining about work out loud? Gossip can kill your company culture and cannot be permitted to run rampant in your building or you and your customers will pay the price. Just telling people not to gossip won’t help much. Look in the mirror FIRST and see if there is anything you did or didn’t do that made this situation so toxic that people are complaining about it.

Resentment Banks

Have you ever seen someone lose it over a seemingly small issue? Learn what Resentment Banks are and how to diffuse them before the stuff hits the fan! This is also an invitation to look at YOUR behavior and see areas where you can make changes to your approach that will more positively affect the work environment.