No Empty Hands

Do you find yourself running around at the end of the night trying to get things done on time? Save time all day long by incentivizing “No Empty Hands.” You will have less to do at the end of the night, and you will find you can get out on time a lot more often.

Rate Your Team

Would you like a tool that will give you the score of your next unit inspection BEFORE the District Manager comes in to review your unit? Check out this handy little tool you can put together to do that, and more. . .

People Tell You Who They Are Every Day

People’s actions and words align with their belief systems. When they suddenly don’t- they are lying. Believe them when they tell you who they are and stop defending their bad behavior. You can skip a lot of the confusion regarding what to do about people if you just remember who people are rather than what they are saying.

Take a Second and THINK

How many times have you been reprimanded by a manager for something they didn’t take the time to look at correctly before passing judgment? Taking a second or two to figure things out completely will take care of this highly toxic poor management trait. Resentment Banks and gossip will ruin your work environment with this shoddy management behavior.

Unicorn Envy

What happens when you do all the things we teach here? You become the best manager in the building. You also get some people who would rather they be the best and resent your intrusion on their slumber. I call this Unicorn Envy. Here’s how to handle it.