How to Get a Mentor

If you have decided to get a mentor and get your management education into high gear, here are a few tips to get a really good one. If there is no one In your building who is qualified to lead the way for you, here are some great leadership resources to get you started until someone great shows up at your unit.


Get a Mentor and Start Leading Today

Get a Mentor and Start Leading Today

Learning to lead people is like learning a musical instrument or playing a sport. It takes time, willingness, and a great coach. Begin with these great resources, and your success will be faster and easier than if you try to do it on your own. Download the PDF and start your leadership journey today.



The Rule of 3

Here is a simple tool to help you sort some of the information you receive on a daily basis and help you make better decisions.

Build A Team

Managers address tasks. Leaders inspire followers. So, how does someone gather followers? One small victory at a time, until your reputation as a leader is no longer questioned.

Today’s Managers Need More Carrots

For thousands of years humanity has used the “Carrot and Stick” motivational methods to get things done. Lately, all we seem to be using is the stick. Have we evolved to a more efficient methodology or are we just getting lazy?

A Model Employee

All managers need to demonstrate the correct behaviors they want their teams to follow. If you don’t think a company procedure is important, the employee won’t either. This includes dating. You cannot supervise a department when you are going out with someone in that department. Everyone in the department will talk about you behind your back and you won’t get their cooperation as graciously as you did before you started dating.

A great manager will not spend time sabotaging their authority but instead will build credible behaviors establishing and solidifying their credibility.

Ego is every manager’s Kryptonite

If you think you are the most important person in the building, think again. You are only one person. Your team outnumbers you and has more contact with more guests than any one person. You are a support person. You have the keys. They should have the authority to fix their own problems, within reason.