Increasing Productivity

Training Managers in people skills will be what separates successful companies from struggling ones in the future. When people are trained well, they perform better and are happier at their jobs, so they stay with the company longer. Start training yourself today with these free training videos and get in on the ground floor of a great career without quitting your job and returning to school.



The Will Smith Slap and the importance of making Amends

Most people in the US as well as many around the world, are now familiar with the infamous Slap at the Academy Awards ceremony. This is a great example of someone harming and a reminder of what can happen if you ignore the harm you do to others in the workplace.

If Will Smith had made amends for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, Chris Rock’s Netflix Special would have been very different, as would Will Smith’s relationship with Chris Rock, and the public’s opinion of Will Smith would be much more favorable today.

The same principles also apply to the people you live and work with. If you really want your team to respect you and follow your directions, you will use this technique to help differentiate your leadership skills from everyone else’s.

The Walk

If you’ve worked in a large frontline industry company, or chain, chances are great you have experienced “The Walk.”    Are you doing it right?   How did your team handle it?  Better yet. . . this is how you can fix it.



Aces in their Places

The day will come when nothing seems to be going right during your shift. Remember “Aces in their Places” and refocus your strongest people in their best departments and the newer people in supportive positions and you should regain your composure fairly soon.

Proactive vs Reactive Employees

Knowing the difference between these two types of workers can make all the difference in the world to how well your crew performs. Use this knowledge to create a well-balanced schedule and your whole team will appreciate it.